Characteristics of FBG sensor

1. Highly reliable & precise measurement due to immunity to electromagnetic interference.

2. Environmental stability and safety by the advantages of FBG sensors which are durable and resistant to rust,?corrosion or ignition.
FBG sensors are the best solutions for chemical plants, power stations and transformer substations considering that electrical sensors have  the possibility of firing caused by a short circuit.

3. Measuring cumulative strain compared to the initial value due to its intrinsic wavelength of FBG sensor.

4. Enable to link up to 30 sensors to a single fiber.

5. Multitasking such as fire sensing(as a temperature sensor), invader sensing, structural health?monitoring by one system.

6. Possible to measure in the special environmental conditions such as lightning, high voltage and strong?magnetic field.

7. By the ability to self-compensation to the distorted signal and the ability to verify the physical strain, the reliability of measurement is very highly.

8. Because of being possible to set up measuring range arbitrarily, FBG sensor is excellent to apply to any field.

9. Enable to extend measuring distance over 30km with one system.

Applications of FBG sensor

Applications of FBG sensor

Mostly applied to social infrastructures and large civil engineering structures, and enable to be developed as a convergence technology combined with any other field.

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